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Terry Beebe

Terry Beebe Terry’s involvement with poultry started at a very young age when he helped his grandad with his Rhode Island Reds on his allotment in Derbyshire. Terry has kept a wide range of pure and commercial poultry breeds including turkeys, geese and ducks. His interest in chickens has centred keeping pure breeds, and he has specialised in the Poland, building contacts internationally. Terry is involved with several clubs, is a poultry club judge and has written for several magazines in the UK and abroad. He is always willing to offer advice on poultry. Email:

Grant Brereton

Grant Brereton began with poultry at the age of six with a few hybrids and has kept them pretty much ever since. He has kept most breeds of poultry over the years and has lived on two smallholdings. He began showing 11 years ago, and can proudly lay claim to having been on Championship Row at the National Show four years consecutively with his favourite breed, the Wyandotte. Grant is currently the editor of Fancy Fowl magazine, and is regarded as one of the leading authorities on poultry genetics in the UK. Email: 

Jeremy Hobson

Jeremy Hobson has had an attraction to every aspect of poultry and game bird keeping for almost all of his 53 years. In addition, his interests include farming, gardening, dogs and horses. He has, over the years, written many articles and books on these and other countryside issues. In 2002, Jeremy moved to France, where he now makes a living as a freelance writer and author.


Joanne Brannan

Joanne Brannan  runs The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm ( in Suffolk. She has 12 acres where she grows vegetables, fruit, flowers, herbs and firewood with sustainable techniques using no artificial fertilisers or pesticides, reducing the carbon footprint to an absolute minimum. Joanne has Master’s degrees in Environmental Management and Renewable Energies.


liz Shankland

Liz Shankland has a smallholding near Caerphilly, where she has pedigree Tamworth pigs, wild boar hybrids, sheep, chickens, and turkeys. A journalist for more than 20 years, Liz broadcasts for BBC Radio Wales and writes for a variety of publications. She is the author of The Practical Guide to Buying and Running a Smallholding in Wales.


Marie Claire Kidd

Marie-Claire Kidd began her journalistic career on local papers in West Yorkshire, where she became interested in industry's effect on land and life. She went freelance six years ago to specialise in the study of contaminated land and asbestos, and has now shifted her focus to solutions. She has just returned from a round-the-world WWOOFing adventure, taking in Hawaii and New Zealand.


Paul Wagland

Paul Wagland is an RHS-qualified garden writer and designer. He specializes in the practical side of horticulture, from growing fruit and vegetables to landscaping and outdoor DIY. He is a former editor of two gardening magazines and divides most of his free time between his own garden and three allotments in suburban Essex.


Tim Tyne

Tim Tyne is a second generation smallholder, thus bringing a lifetime of experience to the magazine. He was brought up on a productive holding in North East Essex, studied at the Welsh Agricultural College, and is now farming full time on the Llyn Peninsular, having first spent several years living on a small offshore island. Tim believes passionately that smallholding should be a viable career option for young people, not just the preserve of affluent downshifters and retired professionals.

Victoria Roberts

Victoria Roberts has 35 years of breeding and judging exhibition poultry and waterfowl. She is Hon Vet to The Poultry Club, edits the British Poultry Standards, and has been on their Council since 1993. Victoria has published four books on poultry, including diseases, teaches poultry at Liverpool Vet School, and edits various veterinary publications and small animal locums in her spare time.


Wendy Findlay

Wendy Findlay runs a BHS Approved livery yard, and is a part time Science lecturer. She lives on a smallholding in N. Ireland with her husband, John and their four children William, Ewan, Tara and Conor. They keep ponies, pigs, White Park cattle, ducks and chickens, and grow hardy vegetables.



Pammy Riggs

Pammy Riggs Keeping the highest welfare standards and alternative methods a priority in all aspects of practical poultry keeping, Pammy Riggs, a hands-on farmer and small-scale food producer for 20-plus years, teaches various poultry related courses and conducts educational workshops for schools on subjects pertaining to local and healthy food issues.
Email:  Website:

Tom Main

Tom Main of Tom Main Accountants offers small business and personal tax clients a complete accountancy, tax and business advice service. Specialising in agricultural businesses and new business start-ups Tom trained as a Chartered Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers in their Bloodstock and Estates department and more recently worked for Grant Thornton’s agricultural department for 6 years also gaining qualification as a Chartered Tax Advisor. ( or 01420 86206)

James Strawbridge

James Strawbridge is a TV presenter, author and sustainable living expert. He and his father, Dick, presented the TV programme It’s Not Easy Being Green. The family smallholding is in Cornwall.



Simon McEwan.gif

Simon McEwan has been Editor of Country Smallholding for two years. He has worked as a journalist for 35 years, mainly on weekly and evening newspapers. He has lived at Beech Hill Community since 1991.

Alan and Rosie BeatAlan Beat and his wife Rosie
have run a Devon smallholding of 16 acres for more than 20 years, keeping sheep, pigs, poultry and waterfowl. They offer educational visits, run training courses, and were highly commended finalists in the 2008 Future of Farming Awards. Alan’s book A Start in Smallholding was published in 2004.

Dave Hamilton

Dave Hamilton has an incurable but thankfully mild obsession with edible plants.  He’s been growing his own food for over a decade and foraging for wild food for a lot longer.   He is a trained Sustainable Horticulturist and Nutritionist and recently began keeping bees.  He’s currently working on his second book about low cost vegetable gardening which will be released in April 2011.




Stuart Anderson

Stuart Anderson: Inspired by permaculture, Stuart Anderson swapped England for France, city for countryside, and single life for a happy marriage. Stuart and Gabrielle have been living and learning on their three-acre smallholding in Brittany for the last four years, producing fruit, vegetables, all their own meat and renting out their holiday cottage.

Jane Fanner

Jane Fanner has a 32-acre smallholding around her narrowboat on the South Oxford Canal. Jane won the title of Smallholder of the Year 2009 in a competition organised by Country Smallholding. The judges said her smallholding was 'magical and inspirational'. You can read more about Jane's award in the News section on this website or see the feature about her smallholding in the October 2009 issue of the magazine.

Jules Moore

Jules Moore runs smallholder courses from her family’s 12 acre smallholding just north of Bristol, where they keep rare breed Shetland cattle, Southdown cheep, Oxford Sandy & Black pigs, chickens, ducks and bees.  The holding is run without artificial fertilisers or pesticides and the welfare of the livestock is paramount.  Courses are aimed at beginners to encourage others to get started as they did nine years ago.


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