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Articles for consideration are welcomed by Country Smallholding.
Much of the magazine is written by outside contributors, many of them regulars.

Advice to Contributors:

Please note: we take good care of material submitted, but we cannot take responsibility for loss or damage in the post or otherwise.


If you are sending hard copy, with no electronic version available, then they should be typed, with single line spacing, wide margins (at least an inch), and single-sided. Please do not fax us manuscripts. A stamped self-addressed envelope for your material's return will be appreciated.

Computer discs:

Text contained on a CD  is welcome in addition to the manuscript. PC or Macintosh discs are acceptable. We work in Microsoft Word. If your word processing software is not Word, please include a copy of your text as a plain text file. Your disc should bear your name and address.


Articles can be sent by email. The same rules apply as for computer discs.   


Where applicable, supply a generous selection (of slides, or prints, preferably glossy) in colour, from which we can make our choice. Good photos make-or-break many articles. Put your name and address on every slide mount and print -- self-adhesive labels are ideal for this. Number each photo clearly and attach or provide a separate sheet of succinct factual captions. (Avoid writing on the back of photos -- particularly in felt tip; a typed caption on a separate sheet is better.) Digital photographs are becoming more common but they do not always reproduce well in magazines. It's is important that the digital photo is to a high resolution—300 dpi for magazine use. Some digital cameras have a "fine" setting for high resolution. The alternative is to have colour prints made from the digital images. If you do have high quality digital images, we can accept them on a CD or DVD. If photographs are not your own, please indicate to whom they should be credited; be sure that reproduction has been approved and that there are no separate reproduction fees required. Remember too that maps and charts can add interest to an article, as well as photographs.

Article content and style:

First study the magazine to see the sort of material we publish.  If you have a good story to tell, it will almost tell itself. Just write a straightforward account, preferably on a subject of widespread, rather than purely personal, interest. Humour is particularly welcome. In spelling and style we generally follow the Oxford University Press.

Length, titles and introductions:

Articles should not be too long. Short, concise features are far more likely to be accepted than long rambling accounts. Titles & introductions: a simple title will do; if you wish you can also provide a few words of introduction, but generally we write these ourselves


We buy full UK Rights, plus the Rights to include the article on the Country Smallholding website, www.countrysmallholding.co.uk, unless otherwise agreed.

Send to:

The Editor, Country Smallholding, Archant South West, Fair Oak Close, Exeter Airport Business Park, Clyst Honiton, Near Exeter, Devon EX52UL
Email: editorial.csh@archant.co.uk

We look forward to seeing your contribution.  



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